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Space Race

Malorie Blackman

Space Race


  • Byd Ffantasi. Anturiaethau o hud a dirgelwch

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What can Lizzie do when big-headed Jake challenges her to a race in space? She's got to beat him. But Jake has a super-duper, deluxe new spaceship that runs on special fuel...


This book was funny but I wish it was longer. It was about a girl , her friends and this boy with an emailed power rocket .The boy had the fastest rocket ever. The girl tricked him into thinking that her rocket was faster with the help of her friends. I liked the girl the best because she wanted to stop the boy being a show of. I would recommend this book to someone else because it shows that you can always dream big.

Anonymous 14.08.2020

Nice win win situation in end. I liked book

Anonymous 25.12.2019

This is one of my favorite books that I have read for the summer reading challenge. I liked it because it was about space ships.

Anonymous 15.07.2019

I love it

Anonymous 13.07.2019

I love love love love love love love love loved this book. I loved it when Lizzie said that she would beat her brother, Jake, and he didn’t believe her, but when they did the race, Jake saw that she could beat him.

Anonymous 24.10.2018

I loved the book because it taught Jake a lesson not to boast because you can get into trouble by boasting.

Anonymous 05.09.2018

This is a very exciting book!

Anonymous 02.08.2017

It was fun because it was space and I like space.I liked the secret weapon because it was very hard to tell what it was.

Anonymous 31.07.2017

I loved this book because i enjoyed reading about Jake and Lizzie's secret weapons and they had a race.

Anonymous 28.07.2017

Space race is a very adventurous and interesting book,because Lizzy and Jake have race to Pluto because Jake was always boasting about his amazing space-ship. Inside Jake's space - ship, there is a computer and when you tell it to work, it does it on its own. I recommend everyone to read this book.

Anonymous 30.08.2016