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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

J.K. Rowling


  • Byd Ffantasi. Anturiaethau o hud a dirgelwch

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The chamber of secrets is the second book in a series of seven. Many children, teenagers and adults adore this book, and is a best seller. It is set in Hogwarts, the wizarding school. Harry Potter, the main character, hears disembodied voices and soon attacks start happening. To add to it all, not everything is as it seems...... The Harry Potter books are all magical, and all spectacularly written . It has perfect names for everything, and the description can be well read. The problem I found with it was that I got bored with the slight lack of action, and when it got to the main fight, there was a lot of explanation and the action lasted only a while. Apart from the cons, I think it was a great read, and I highly recommend for children of all ages, but if you don't fancy magic and spells and a tad bit of horror, you might not like it. PMM

Anonymous 12.05.2018


Anonymous 22.03.2018

Harry is my favourite character because he is adventurous like me ...

Anonymous 17.09.2020

This is the second Harry Potter book I have read. I enjoyed it as much as the first one. My favourite part was when they changed into Goyle and Crabbe and Draco told them some secrets.

Anonymous 16.09.2020

I am really enjoying the Harry Potter books. There are parts not in the films which is good

Anonymous 16.09.2020

I love this book, because it is funny, happy, sad and exciting. Well I love Harry Potter. I would give this book to people in Year 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. My favourite person in the book is Ron, I love him because, he is over dramatic all the time. Well that is all I have to say.

Anonymous 12.09.2020

Bit scarier than the first book. Great all the same.

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I liked this book a lot because I didn't expect the ending. I liked Harry best because he didn't know he was a wizard and it would be great to learn all about magic when you didn't know anything about it before.

Anonymous 11.09.2020

it was a very interesting book nothing I read before. I liked herminoe. I would definitely recommend this book.

Anonymous 10.09.2020

The flying car was the best.

Anonymous 10.09.2020

I love this book

Anonymous 10.09.2020

i like harry because he is funny

Anonymous 09.09.2020

alfie loved reading this book. He is a big Harry Potter fan

Anonymous 09.09.2020

What an adventure!

Anonymous 09.09.2020

I love this book. It’s full of great adventures and Heromine

Anonymous 09.09.2020

Harry Potter books are the best in the world!!!

Anonymous 08.09.2020

I love Harry Potter and I want to be a witch. All magic loving people will love this book for the twists and turns of Harry's second year at Hogwarts. Fantasy, fiction and magical school life. You need to read the first one to understand the second properly.

Anonymous 08.09.2020

I really like the amount of mystery involved.

Anonymous 08.09.2020

It's was funny and a bit scary

Anonymous 08.09.2020

I love this book. There was a Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets and Harry Potter had to save the little girl called Giny. Its a very interesting read.

Anonymous 08.09.2020

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