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I Don't Want Curly Hair!

Laura Ellen Anderson, Laura Ellen Anderson

I Don't Want Curly Hair!


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4 out 5


Verry funny. I my self have curly hair and don't want it!

Anonymous 15.06.2020

I liked this book because it is a rhyming book and it was interesting and funny to read. The story is about a girl who hates her curly hair and tries everything to make it straight until she meets another girl who has straight hair and tries everything to make it curly. They then realise that everyone is different and beautiful and that we should love the way we are and what we have. I learnt a good lesson from this story. I used to have very curly hair, like the girl in the book, when I was little, but now my hair is nearly straight. My favourite character in the book is the girl with the curly hair. My favourite part is when she tried to make her hair straight putting some balloons attached to it and she goes flying. It was very funny and it made me laugh. I loved this book.

Anonymous 14.06.2020

There is a girl who doesn't like curly hair. But, one day she saw a girl who does want curly hair. Then, they did hair styles together. It is a fiction. I like the straight hair girl. I definitely recommend it to someone else, because it is not just like a normal book. It is like a hair style book.

Anonymous 12.12.2019

This is my favourite book ever! I have curly hair and I hate it sometimes but this reminds me to love it because curly are cool

Anonymous 10.08.2019

This book is about loving what you've got. Even if you don't want it.

Anonymous 08.08.2019

Love it

Anonymous 14.09.2017

Really enjoyed this story especially the part when the girls where creating new styles and swapping tips.

Anonymous 21.08.2017

Both children 2&5yr olds loved this. Xx

Anonymous 18.08.2017

i like when the girl saw someone with straight hair then she realize that her curly hair is good and not that bad after all.

Anonymous 16.08.2017

This book is really funny and silly

Anonymous 16.08.2017

A girl who didn't like her curly hair and then she tried to brush so her friends help her

Anonymous 12.08.2017

You wood read this book because it has curly hair and the curly hair is funny

Anonymous 27.07.2017

It was a little bit interesting but mostly boring. I'm happy I don't have curly hair

Anonymous 27.07.2017

It was a bit good

Anonymous 25.07.2017

This was great and I really like the ending

Anonymous 23.07.2017

It was very funny book.

Anonymous 19.07.2017

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