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Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief (The Amelia Fang Series)

Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief (The Amelia Fang Series)


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5 out 5


Title- Amelia Fang and the memory thief. Author- Laura Ellen Anderson. This story is about a little girl called Amelia that has 3 friends. They are called Tangine, Florence and Grimaldi. I like the part when Amelia met Tangine at school and when she went in to Tangine's palace. The most challenging part was when all the characters lost there memories. This story is a good example for everyone that all the people should be very kind to each other.

Anonymous 09.01.2021

It was good and I would recommend it to my friends

Anonymous 01.01.2021

It was very funny and silly (in a good way). For example, they call each other 'darkling' instead of 'darling'. I liked the main character - Amelia - she is very helpful and very kind. I liked how everyone managed to sort out the problem as a team. I would recommend this book to other children.

Anonymous 23.12.2020


Anonymous 20.12.2020

I really enjoyed this story, I would like to read another one from the series

Anonymous 15.12.2020

I really found Memory Thief funny but also a bit worrying because people's memories get erased. I still recommend it though. It also interested me with how the cookies made everyone lose their memories.

Anonymous 13.12.2020

i love this book because it was funny i thought this book great because it was funny and has lots of picture i like amelia because she is kind i like the mom because she is nice i would recommend this book to some one because it is funny

Anonymous 10.12.2020


Anonymous 16.10.2020


Anonymous 15.10.2020

This book was GREAT! One of my favourites! I love Amelia Fang! My favourite character is Amelia Fang. My favourite part of the story is a bit scary but very exciting! Amelia and Tagine were just about to be blasted with scorpion grass and if they had been they would have lost their memory! Luckily Tagine's pet Pumpy (a pumpkin!) saved them before it was too late, by squashing the baddie with his huge body!

Anonymous 11.10.2020

great love it

Anonymous 09.10.2020

It was exiting

Anonymous 09.10.2020

Most of the creatures have lost their memory , so it is up to Amelia and Tangine to save the day!

Anonymous 07.10.2020

This book is simply marvellous. Laugh out loud all the way through

Anonymous 02.10.2020

a great story with amelia and friends. Showing about true family and friendship.

Anonymous 01.10.2020

I thought that it was enjoyable, adventurous and exciting. My favourite character was Pumpy because he is funny and he falls asleep when he goes upside down. I would definitely recommend this book!

Anonymous 27.09.2020

Loved this book, very intriguing. I would recommend it to 8+.

Anonymous 19.09.2020

Her best book in my opinion. It interested me with the anagram of Mr Sublime into Emilbus and the memory loss of the ingrediants at the academy. My favourite character was Amelia again and I loved the story. It interested me as well in the lost limbs library when they were researching about the ingrediants. Recommended to Amelia Fang fans

Anonymous 09.09.2020

I like Amelia and her pet pumpkin.

Anonymous 09.09.2020

This book was a nice read. The story was pleasant. My favourite characters were Grimaldi and Florence because they loved eating cookies and they were cheeky. Bella 7 years old

Anonymous 07.09.2020

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