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The Girls

Jenny Lovlie, Lauren Ace

The Girls


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5 out 5

34 reviews

Four little girls meet under an apple tree and form a bond that grows as they share secrets, dreams, worries and schemes.


I liked the picture of the special parade with the rainbow flag.

Anonymous 23.08.2021

I loved this book

Anonymous 21.08.2021

It's fun to read about 4 friends

Anonymous 20.08.2021

a very nice book because it was so nice to see children growing together and how they led their lives and they were still friends even when they grew old

Anonymous 15.08.2021

I Really liked this book Because it was Funny and interesting

Anonymous 14.08.2021

A nice story. The tree was the beginning of the girls friendship. It was fiction, I liked Sasha Yes I would recommend this book.

Anonymous 08.08.2021

I really like this book because it said that the apple tree grew girls.

Anonymous 07.08.2021

I liked the whole story, my favourite characters were Lottie and Alice.

Anonymous 05.08.2021

I liked that the girls were all different and they had one talent for each of them and they worked hard. I liked that they stayed friends even when they were older.

Anonymous 03.08.2021

This was a good story and I would like other people to enjoy it, my favourite bit of this book is the girls grow on the trees and they love playing together.

Anonymous 28.07.2021

I like Alice because she had a beautiful baby I would recommend this book to my best friend.

Anonymous 14.07.2021

The looked cute and they looked like they were sisters at first!!I recommend this book because it is a lovely story to read about the kind happy 4 girls you should read it it is great to read this!

Anonymous 17.03.2021

I really enjoyed it

Anonymous 23.02.2021

its wonderful there are 4 girls you see there life some are sad and some parts are happy

Anonymous 18.02.2021

I love it because it is about 5 girls growing up together!

Anonymous 11.02.2021

good book i wanna read it again love it

Anonymous 22.01.2021

Very lovely book!

Anonymous 16.01.2021

Lovely book

Anonymous 13.01.2021

Great book

Anonymous 31.12.2020

My thoughts on the book are that it was very interesting and inspirational. The character I like the most was Leela because she is very funny and active and also comes from a similar background as me .This book interests me because it shows teamwork and is very inspiring .

Anonymous 29.12.2020