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Dear Earth

Isabel Otter, Clara Anganuzzi

Dear Earth


  • Straeon anifeiliad. Bwndeli o fflwff, ffwr a hwyl

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5 out 5

11 reviews

When Tessa writes a love letter to the Earth, it's the beginning of a glorious adventure. She blows bubbles with whales, soars with birds and joins in with the noisy rainforest hullabaloo! Tessa wants everyone to know how special our planet is. She believes that there is a chance to save the Earth if enough of us share the message...


Very informative story on how to protect the planet

Anonymous 02.09.2021

I liked the sea

Anonymous 26.08.2021

I liked how it tells you what's in the Earth and what it's made up of. My favourite part was when Grandpa told the story about the Earth.

Anonymous 23.08.2021

This book had lots of new words in if that I hadn't heard before. I liked the part about the geese, because I saw some flying in a flock last week for the first time ever. This book made me a bit sad because it says that humans have hurt the earth and I don't want them to keep doing that

Anonymous 20.08.2021

It is a lovely story about a little girl writing a letter to the earth. She writes about the wonderful things she wants to explore like the oceans, icey mountains, waterfalls, desert, forest etc. The story ends with a good message about the importance of taking care of our planet.

Anonymous 09.08.2021

I love reading the book because there was lots of animals and the pictures were colourful. the book was about our planet. i recommend the book if you like animals.

Anonymous 29.07.2021

This was a nice book. I liked how it talks about the different places in the earth and what we could do to help at the end of the story. My favourite place was the rain forest to spend with the leopards. It has rally nice pictures to go with rhe story. I would recommend this book.

Anonymous 28.08.2020

I like this book. It proved a very good point

Anonymous 06.07.2020

It was a sad story and I wish people would look after the Earth better.

Anonymous 30.06.2020

I like this book because I love topics about Earth. I love the idea of writing a letter to Earth! Earth is an amazing place because it has lots of beautiful places. It gives a home to many animals and humans. I would love to run with elephants and swim with whales. I would love to climb mountains and reach the clouds. I would like to dive deep down into the ocean and see every creature there. Lucky Tessa can fly with the birds. I wish everybody would read her letter and would start looking after Earth. Granpa is the best! I like the story and I wish to save Earth. Yes I would reccomend the book.

Anonymous 30.06.2020

`I really love this book! The illustrations are really pretty. I would definitely recommend this book.

Anonymous 27.06.2020