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Ronaldo Rules

Simon Mugford, Dan Green, Football Superstars

Ronaldo Rules


  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau
  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau

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5 out 5

14 reviews

Everything the young fan wants to know about Cristiano Ronaldo, from his childhood to the present day, including lots of quizzes and facts.


I really loved this book as it had a lot of facts and figures. I only wish it was longer! I am going to try and read others in this series.

Anonymous 11.09.2021

The book was so interesting

Anonymous 30.08.2021

I love ronaldo

Anonymous 29.08.2021

I liked this book because I like football and Ronaldo is my favourite footballer. My favourite part to read about was when real Madrid won the champions league in 2014.

Anonymous 09.08.2021

It was very interesting it had lots of facts and all the clubs ralnaldo went to.

Anonymous 31.07.2021

I am v.ery proud of Ronaldo for going from poor to number one best footballer

Anonymous 27.07.2021

Good and exciting. You never know how good Ronaldo would be in football - he is the best player in the world.

Anonymous 24.07.2021

I liked this book because I liked how it was about football and l like doing football. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about football

Anonymous 26.08.2020

I loved the amount of facts they had

Anonymous 14.08.2020

I liked the interesting facts. I would recommend my best friend to read it and anyone who likes football.

Anonymous 23.07.2020

This is all about Ronaldo’s life with some giggles along the way

Anonymous 21.07.2020

Great book. All about ronaldo

Anonymous 21.07.2020

this is a good book and i recommend it to everyone because it tells you some fantastic facts and super stats i rate this five star

Anonymous 15.07.2020

I liked this book because I learnt lots of interesting facts about Ronaldo!

Anonymous 14.06.2020