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Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang - World Book Day 2020

Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the Bookworm Gang - World Book Day 2020


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  • Teulu a ffrindiau. Chwerthin a dagrau a hapus byth wedyn
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Average rating

5 out 5

MEET AMELIA FANG A plucky little vampire who's just like you and me ...


I liked it because Amelia is so adventurous and Florence is very funny.

Anonymous 24.02.2021

The bookworms were eating all the books in the royal library. Amelia Fang discovered why they were doing it.

Anonymous 15.02.2021

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Amelia fang was my favourite character because she wanted to save the books from the bookworms.

Anonymous 21.01.2021

A story about a girl vampire which does not know what story to write for her homework. She went to the library where she met a bookworm family. The bookworms ate books because they did not how to read. But Amelia thought them how to read after becoming friends. A good fictional story about helping each other.

Anonymous 04.01.2021

I enjoyed reading this book. My favourite part was when Amelia’ baby brother named Vincent rubbed brain pie all over his face. I would recommend this book to my family and friends.

Anonymous 27.12.2020

I wouldn’t like to eat book’s like bookworms, like poppy the book worm

Anonymous 15.12.2020

fiction i like ameia the best i got it and was intrested i would recommend it to someone who likes hmour

Anonymous 13.12.2020

People in Amelia's class have to write a story sadly she has run out of ides. Her and her friend go to the library for inspiration. She finds book worms eating the books . Amy Lee

Anonymous 11.12.2020

It's funny. I really like the bookworms.

Anonymous 27.11.2020

I recommend it is very funny and very creative it's fiction . It's by Lauren Ellen Andesern. Amelia fang what's my favourite character .

Anonymous 24.11.2020


Anonymous 26.10.2020

It is very funny and clever.

Anonymous 26.09.2020

This was a nice short one corresponding to the reading challenge. I loved the bookworms personalities, especially Penelope. I would recommend it to Book fans and Amelia fang fans. Interesting and humorous

Anonymous 20.09.2020

Amazing book, I really liked it!

Anonymous 19.09.2020

I think its really awesome the when the gang realise that the bookworms in the library are jot as big and scary as they seem! Amelia runs out of ideas for a new story but her adventures with her friends mean she has lots more to write about

Anonymous 15.09.2020

Absolutely love this book

Anonymous 15.09.2020

My first chapter book that I have read and I enjoyed it lots I like the bookworms I would recommend the book

Anonymous 14.09.2020

i would recommend this book because it is very interesting and there are these funny book worms with eat books.

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I like this one because someone told them not to go in the library but Amelia went in there anyway. When she went in there she saw lots and lots of bookworms eating the books. Amelia talked to them and they were really nice. She showed her friends that the bookworms were actually nice. They all became friends in the end

Anonymous 06.09.2020

I enjoyed the book I think that it could of been better when compared with the others. It left me a little disappointing. However, I did enjoy how they resolved the problem. I would recommend this book looking for a shorter read.

Anonymous 06.09.2020

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