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Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet

Ben Hoare, Jade Orlando

Activists Assemble - Save Your Planet


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The world can seem a scary place to live. Forests are burning, plastic is filling the oceans and the air is polluted. But we can all help save the planet – including you! Become a real-life super hero and help to protect the environment - from quick and easy fixes to changes that could have a long-term global effect. Meet the famous faces leading the way in the worldwide crusade to be more environmentally friendly and take the quiz to find out just how green you truly are. . . and could be. This is our planet ― we can save it!


Fact book, I have starred to recycle

Anonymous 13.09.2021

I liked this a lot because I want to save nature and there are lots of ideas in there to help. My favourite bit was about green cities. I would definitely recommend this book!

Anonymous 05.09.2021

I gave it a 3 because I felt like it did not fill my mind as much with excitement as other books might do to me . But then again it did have good facts and had a lot of knowledge and famous people for helping the planet but.. you would find it in a lot of books ... so that is why I gave it a 3.

Anonymous 02.09.2021

Very interesting

Anonymous 24.08.2021

I think this book shows us how to save the world.

Anonymous 13.08.2021

I like it because it told us ways to save the planet. It interested me because it said people who are activists in it. My favourite part of the book was the page earth Activism In Your Own Back Yard because it told us ways to plant plant and to cut poisonous plants. I suggest this book to Earth Lovers!

Anonymous 13.08.2021

Save the planet is intresting!

Anonymous 12.08.2021

I have read about heros who helped to save planet. Deforestation is main cause of global warming. Its a non fiction book. Its factual. I love animals so its all about animals life. I would recommend it for sure.

Anonymous 11.08.2021

I love this book. If your keen on saving our planet l would definitely recommend it

Anonymous 10.08.2021

The world can seem a scary place to live. Forests are burning, plastic is filling the oceans and the air is polluted.

Anonymous 09.08.2021

It was a long book It was telling me facts Lots of new words

Anonymous 07.08.2021

I liked it because I liked the facts about saving the planet. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Anonymous 06.08.2021

I loved this book because it doesn't only tell about the sad things like animals getting trapped in the sea ,and how we are wasting energy. It taught us about humans who decided to make a change for the planet and what they did in life and how they completed the targets they were going for. And what we could do at home and maybe even save the planet and I was inspired to make a poster about how to save energy and stuff like that. So that's what I really loved about this book and who knows maybe you could be one of those people and save the world.

Anonymous 03.08.2021

If it was factual, why did it interest you? it is about climate change would you recommend it to someone else? maybe

Anonymous 28.07.2021

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to play a part in saving the environment.

Anonymous 25.07.2021

Good book ir helps us make think about our choices how to save our planet.

Anonymous 07.07.2021