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Leo's Map of Monsters: The Spitfang Lizard

Kris Humphrey, Pete Williamson

Leo's Map of Monsters: The Spitfang Lizard


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4 out 5

19 reviews

Leo Wilder must protect his village from the monsters that lurk in the surrounding forest. Armed with a slingshot, magical stones, and a strange map, Leo must track down a deadly Spitfang Lizard before it reaches the village. He is given one piece of advice-first they spit, then they bite. If a Spitfang's throat swells up . . . run!


This was a bit too boring for Ollie but he loves dragons!

Anonymous 17.09.2021

kinda scary

Anonymous 04.09.2021

I really enjoyed it

Anonymous 01.09.2021

So much misery

Anonymous 16.08.2021

I thought this was an excellent book with lots of exciting features, with lots of describing of the setting and characters. I think it is one of my best books I've ever read. The best person I liked was Leo wilder the guardian. I would recommended this book to my friend.

Anonymous 12.08.2021

It was amazing Eve and willow were scary

Anonymous 08.08.2021

I thought it was exciting especially when Leo got rid of the lizard with his weapons

Anonymous 02.08.2021


When I found this in the library, I got really happy as I had put it on my wishlist a couple of days ago. It was a really interesting book with a nice plot. I would recommend this book to those who enjoy short,adventure, fiction stories.

Principal Fenella Elephant 01.08.2021


Anonymous 31.07.2021

It was fiction. And my favourite character was starla because I think she was different from the rest and quite interesting

Anonymous 29.07.2021

Fiction and my favorite character is leo

Anonymous 29.07.2021

which person did you like best? sala WouId you recommend it to someone else? defenitley

Anonymous 27.07.2021

I thought it was really nice having monsters in it, I like Starla the Weasel dragon.

Anonymous 24.07.2021


I would recommend this for ages 9-10 but my favorite character was the lizard

Dienw 23.07.2021

The book is fiction, bit scary.You shouldn't steal eggs from monsters or they get mad. Yes would recommend it to others.

Anonymous 20.07.2021

Nothing much to say about this book

Anonymous 13.07.2021

The monster tried eating the boy

Anonymous 12.07.2021

I thought that this was a awesome amazing book to read and I would recommend it to people who like books about dragons

Anonymous 06.07.2021