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Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords

Laura Ellen Anderson

Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords


  • Byd Ffantasi. Anturiaethau o hud a dirgelwch
  • Antur. Arswyd, gwefr a digon o helynt

Average rating

5 out 5


I think that this book is funny because there is this character called Florence who mistakes someone's name to something different. My favourite person in this book is Florence (a yeti) because she is really funny. I would recommend this book to my siblings because they would like this sort of book series.

Anonymous 04.01.2021

This was a very good book it has lots of adventures

Anonymous 03.01.2021

It was great and I would recommend it to my friends

Anonymous 01.01.2021

i think it was a good book. i definitely recommend it

Anonymous 31.12.2020

I really like how the book is written with lots of adventures and friends. It’s a really exciting series and you never know where the story is going to take you next; it’s like a reading adventure!

Anonymous 29.12.2020

I liked it because it is about friendship. My favourite character is Amelia Fang because she has the m

Anonymous 23.12.2020

I love this book! It is my most favourite book in the world! My favourite character is McSparkle.(who is a leprechaun) I would recommend this book to my friend Ava. My favourite part is where Amelia, Tangine, Florence, Grimaldi and King Vladimir make 3 wishes at the Wishing Well Of Well Wishes. But the wishes get spoiled and the well is very rude. Read Amelia Fang and the Unicorn Lords to find out what else happens!

Anonymous 14.12.2020

Amelia and her friends went on an adventure to look for a missing person, the mother of one of her friends. They went to another world to look for her. It was a Kingdom of light where unicorns and fairies lived. One of them made friends with a unicorn lord and the unicorn lord invited them to a party. At the party they discovered a secret door and they decided to see what was inside it. When they went inside they saw all missing people in a cage including one of Amelia's friends mother. The four friends set them free and took them to their world and celebrated all together. My favourite character is Amelia because she was funny. I would recommend that book to read

Anonymous 07.12.2020


Anonymous 16.10.2020

I would recommend it

Anonymous 09.10.2020

I liked Fabio It was funny Yes I would recommend it

Anonymous 03.10.2020

Once again the Amelia Fang stories came up trumps. Who knew Unicorn’s could be so bad.

Anonymous 02.10.2020

I loved this book

Anonymous 27.09.2020

Amazing It's really funny and I just love it. The best character is Amelia Fang. The other best characters are the Unicorn Lords and the Alpha Unicorn. The funniest thing that has happened is when Tangine got stuck in a toilet.

Anonymous 20.09.2020

I liked it because it is an adventure book and it was exciting. My favourite character was Florence the yeti.

Anonymous 15.09.2020

Amelia first bit was about a unicorn.

Anonymous 12.09.2020

I think it was a great book, it’s a mysterious story and its amazing and I would give it to anyone that likes books like Harry Potter.

Anonymous 11.09.2020

I was interested about how the nocturnia inhabitants were really anxious about the light people, including fairies or unicorns. I also loved the wishing well of well wishes and the journey to discover what had happened to Tangines Mother. I loved everyone in it, especially Amelia and I would recommend to fans of Halloween and adventures

Anonymous 07.09.2020

I loved the unicorn in this book

Anonymous 06.09.2020

It was interesting as Amelia Fang thought the unicorn lords were good but actually there were bad.

Anonymous 06.09.2020

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