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1,045,697 Llyfr wedi’u Darllen

Knights and Bikes

Gabrielle Kent, Rex Crowle

Knights and Bikes


  • Antur. Arswyd, gwefr a digon o helynt
  • Antur. Arswyd, gwefr a digon o helynt
  • Byd Ffantasi. Anturiaethau o hud a dirgelwch

Average rating

4 out 5

17 reviews

Adventure awaits Demelza and her new best friend in the whole world, Nessa, as they uncover the mysteries of the Penfurzy Knights. With a pet goose sidekick, quirky islanders and legendary treasure to find, it's up to Nessa and Demelza to ride their bikes, solve the mystery, and face down danger with Frisbees and water-balloons.


It was pretty good but there were some scary bits. I liked the character Nessa because she was a spy. Nessa and Demelza are really good friends.

Anonymous 09.09.2021

I thought the book was ok because I didn’t feel the laugh a second thrill a minute. The bit I liked about the book is that it had adventure and a quest and the thing I didn’t like about the book is that the bikes made the book over complicated and that is my negative thought. All around the book was ok and had a good touch.

Anonymous 16.08.2021

The story was really exciting when the characters reached the castle. I'd definitely recommend it.

Anonymous 09.08.2021

This book is very interesting, it makes me want to keep on reading. I recommend this to people that like reading books with adventure.

Anonymous 06.08.2021

It was written in a funny way. The two main characters were interesting. I would recommend this book to someone else.

Anonymous 04.07.2021

I like Demelza fids a new friend.Nessa and Demelza had so much fun to together.

Anonymous 04.02.2021

It is about finding some treasure and defeating a curse. I liked it because it was funny, I liked the characters, especially Captain Honkers. He honks and sometimes helps them. It was really really exciting and I just wanted to keep reading whenever I finished a chapter! I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.

Anonymous 29.01.2021


it was good

Countess Candyfloss Arlington 12.01.2021

I would recommend this to someone else because this book is really good for kids my age. I thought about this book and its very interesting. It interested me because the person on the bike may be doing some cool tricks

Anonymous 21.12.2020

Enjoyed this with Grandad

Anonymous 01.12.2020

The coolest book I've ever read!

Anonymous 10.09.2020

I liked this one

Anonymous 07.09.2020

This book was O.K

Anonymous 04.09.2020

Little comedy book recommended for 6 + tiny piece of horror but not graphic just a little bit spooky. really good book.

Anonymous 27.08.2020

Really enjoyed this book. It is a lot of fun and I loved the growing friendship between the two main characters. Reminded me a little of a younger Stranger Things, with less demogorgans and more curses and knights. Deals with themes such as the loss of Demelza's mother. Whole book is paced very well and the action in the last few chapters is well built-up and gripping.

Anonymous 14.08.2020


My favourite character is Demelsa because she is brave,kind and caring. I like the bit at the when Demelsa was told that she wasn’t going to move. I recommend it to 8+ and to people that like adventure stories. I like this book because it made me want to read more and more.

General Honeycomb Bojangles 31.07.2020

It was a really good adventure book and it showed me how close best friends can be.

Anonymous 21.08.2019