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Messi Rules

Simon Mugford, Dan Green, Football Superstars

Messi Rules


  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau
  • Ffeithiau a gwybodaeth. Rhestrau, ystadegau a digon o ffeithiau

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12 reviews

Everything the young fan wants to know about Lionel Messi, from his childhood to the present day, including lots of quizzes and facts.


I liked this book because I like Messi and I liked finding out why he points to the sky. I would recommend this to children that like football.

Anonymous 29.08.2021

This is another good book about football. It gives information about Messi and some facts about where he has played football and how well he has done. I would recommend this for anyone who loves football.

Anonymous 27.08.2021

Teaches you about football and skills.

Anonymous 04.08.2021

Because we learned more stuff about Messi (which is great because when I grow up, I want to be as good as him!)

Anonymous 28.07.2021

I think it is just amazing how good Messi is and it is just so exciting and he scores so much goals.

Anonymous 25.07.2021

I love football and if you like football too, then this is the book for you

Anonymous 04.09.2020

I loved the amount of facts they had

Anonymous 14.08.2020

I learned a lot about my favourite footballer in this book.

Anonymous 28.07.2020

Plays for Barcelona and number 10 Argentina messi

Anonymous 24.07.2020

it was really good and i would read it again.

Anonymous 23.07.2020

It was interesting because I learnt new facts about Messi. I could imagine it in real life.

Anonymous 30.06.2020

I had a wonderful time reading this book

Anonymous 27.06.2020